The incredibly easy, affordable, no compromises way to sell tickets!

Welcome to ImagiTix!

ImagiTix™ is the world's best fully hosted technology for any type of ticketing. When you choose ImagiTix™ you get real ticketing software that is easy to install, learn, and use, and offers all the features of the most expensive, complicated ticketing systems. All you give up are the headaches and the big expense!

  • Extremely Low Costs
  • No Support Contracts
  • Quick & Easy Installation
  • Simple Configuration
  • Touch Screen Interface
  • No Special Equipment
  • Unlimited Users
  • High Performance

Ticketing Software Made Easy

ImagiTix™ has a very simple mission:   TO MAKE SELLING TICKETS EASY AND AFFORDABLE.
Imagine not having to spend tens (or even hundreds) of thousands of dollars on software!
Imagine not having to wait for the installation team to show up before you can start selling tickets!
Imagine not having to buy expensive, complicated special servers and equipment!
Imagine not paying for a huge annual support contract just so you can call for tech support!
Imagine ImagiTix™!


What Makes Us Unique

ImagiTix™ is real ticketing software, not some clunky, ugly web browser interface. But forget about all the expense and nightmare of on-site installation - you can install it yourself on any Windows® XP or Vista® computer in about 5 minutes. All you need is a halfway decent computer, a receipt printer, and a reliable Internet connection. Fancier hardware (like a touch screen, cash drawer, or high-end ticket printer) is totally optional, and can be added later on when you have the extra money to spend.

Learn More

Don't buy another ticketing system without doing your homework and learning everything there is to know about our unique hybrid ticketing software solution. We're excited to tell you about how our ImagiTix™ software can make your life easier. We invite you to take the time to [learn more] about ImagiTix™ and then call us to discuss how we can meet your ticketing needs today!